It’s been 50ish days …


2020 05 07 postcard

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Monochromatic self portrait of the author standing behind glass, looking into the camera’s gaze with a stalwart expression.


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May 7 2020
Broomfield, CO

It’s been 50ish days since shelter in place started and, for me, it’s been a slow crawl towards feeling any sense of normalcy or mental ability to adapt to a new daily routine. For the last month I have been staring into the existential void of uncertainty and watching the void stare back—if you have been one to stare into the void only to have that bleak nothingness stare right back, you know how deeply unsettling such a thing can be.

But spring is starting to take root, and hints of buds and blossoms are beginning to show themselves, and I have started to prepare our garden, letting my hands dive into soil – and in so doing – regained some of my footing.