summer country

this sky that goes on forever

this lazy, hazy blue

wedgewood, or eggshell

a polite blue soft as summer silk

resting over rolling hills

that turn from green to gold

that explode in a splash of color

when the wildflowers burst forth

only to transform into dusty, dry

hay bales peppered through arid fields

the soil of my ancestors

tilled and sowed

harvesting lives and linage

in the rich black soil

of lands we no longer own

the history of an old hickory tree

the stories i am too young to know

the people i will never remember

moss covered graves

down long country roads

no one seems to travel anymore

roads that claim lives in the night

the shadows of ghosts

too long without companions

roads that lead from no where to

now here, where ever here is

roads that lead home


Driving from Cottage Hill Cemetery

Fannin County, Texas

June 2018

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