The Dog Days

It’s hot. Really hot. Stupid hot. 49% humidity and over 100 hot.

My tomato plants are shriveling up into dry, brown, bits that turn to dust at the slightest touch. and even still, they are struggling to ripen their tiny green fruits. Bless.


The mint also seems indifferent to the heat, popping out tiny flower heads.

Mint Flowers

I, however, am not indifferent, and that’s ok. I garden first thing in the morning, before the heat and the mosquitoes really get going, and then I work inside where there are fans and air conditioning and cats.

All I need is this sock...

I work, and I write, and I play with the prime lenses I didn’t even know I had.

terrarium gargoyle

And I dream of autumn…



  1. Mulch will help your plants withstand heat better although not much can be done with 100+ temps.

    What dslr lenses are you playing with?

    1. I have mulch in the perennial beds, but not in the veg garden.
      I found the prime lens for the Lumix you gave me. I forgot I had an extra lens for this camera.

      1. The 20mm is really sharp. I love that Lens but it’s a bit slow on my Olympus so I got an Olympus 17mm f1.7. Not quite as sharp but focuses faster on my camera.

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